Peppermint Essential Oil: The Natural Wasp Repellent for Honeybee Hives

In the recent years, ecological imbalances caused by the overuse of chemical pesticides have become an issue of great concern. As per some surveys were done, it has been found that around 2.5 million tons of chemicals are used in beekeeping and agriculture every year. Consequently, the losses incurred to the economy annually have been close to $100 billion. Honeybees play an important part in enhancing agricultural production. It is bees that cross-pollinate about 80 percent of crop plants. Not just this, their vast colonies (beehives) are a major source of beeswax, honey, and royal jelly. Scientists have started seeking an alternative to chemical pesticides in beehives - something that is eco-friendly, biodegradable and economic. Certain recent developments indicate that plant essential oils show a wider spectrum of repellent activity against pathogens and pest insects. 

Essential oils are by-products of plant metabolism and are discovered in the secretory cavities or glandular hair of cell walls of plants. They are found as droplets of fluid in the stems, barks, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots. Essential oils have aromatic characteristics that in turn help the plants in protecting themselves from cold or heat and also in repelling or attracting pests.


Peppermint Essential Oil in Bee Keeping

The most common pests that affect the colonies of honeybees are wax moths, mice, wasps, skunks, wasp beetles, ants, and Varroa destructor. Peppermint essential oil comes as a savior in beehives since many pests find the strong scent of the essential oil highly bothersome. This oil is absolutely safe to use in houses with children and pets. In comparison to other deterrents, it is quite economical and is easily available in drugstores.


Some Peppermint Oil Application Tips

Add 2 cups (500ml) of water to 30 drops of peppermint essential oil in a bottle (a spray bottle should work). Mix 30ml (2Tbsp) of dish soap or shampoo into the spray bottle. This is done to ensure that the peppermint sticks onto the nest of the wasp. Spray this solution over the wasps and their nests in the bee hive. It is recommended that you deal with the wasps or yellow jackets only after dusk. The reason is that once it is dark outside, the wasps get inside their nests and stay inactive all night. Therefore, it becomes convenient to spray the solution all at once.


Buy Peppermint Essential Oil with Care

When selecting an essential oil, ensure that they are organically certified and safe to use. HBNO’s pure Peppermint Essential Oil is cold pressed from green plants grown organically. We provide essential oils in both bulk and wholesale qualities to all parts of the world, at affordable prices.

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