How is Amla Oil Beneficial for Our Hair?

How is Amla Oil Beneficial for Our Hair?

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a miraculous fruit benefiting people from years. Since our childhood, we have been listening to our grandparents about the medicinal properties of amla. It benefits us in many ways like it is good for our skin as well as it increases the immune system, prevents constipation, good for hair, helpful in diabetes and also prevents anemia.


Amla Oil for Our Hair

Amla oil is a boon for our hairs. Ayurveda considers amla as a medicine for the growth of our hair. People who are suffering from dandruff, alopecia, hair thinning, split ends and premature hair graying problems should treat their hair with amla oil. Amla oil contains essential nutrients like vitamin C, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and antioxidants, which work wonders on our hairs. Let's know how amla benefits our hair:-


1. Amla oil helps in opening the pores, which allows our scalp to produce more natural oil.


2. Amla contains Vitamin C that prevents breakage of our hair.


3. Amla also has anti-dandruff properties. Hence, it is useful in removing dandruff from our hair.


4. Amla nourishes our hair and makes it shinier.


You can also try some home remedies with the help of Amla essential oil to keep your hair thicker and stronger. Let's have a look at some of these home remedies:-


1. Take 2 spoons of amla oil and add an equal amount of lemon juice in it. Mix it well and apply the paste on your scalp. Rinse it off, after an hour. This remedy will fight against hair fall.


2. Apply the paste of amla oil mixed with amla powder on your scalp with a few Tulsi (Basil) leaves into it. It will provide your hair protection against dandruff.


3. Massage your scalp with amla oil before you wash your hair. This process will condition your hair.



Amla oil is very useful for our hair. Ayurveda has also described its medicinal value. You can buy amla oil easily from the market. However, these oils are usually mixed with preservatives. Hence, you can buy pure amla oil from HBNO at a reasonable price.

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