Manuka Essential Oil

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BOTANICAL NAME Leptospermum Scoparium Oil
CAS 223749-44-8
EC 425-630-7
Oil Part of Plant Leaves
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN New Zealand, Australia
AROMA PROFILE Aromatic odor



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Explore premium Manuka Essential Oil sourced in bulk quantities from HBNO, your trusted essential oil supplier. HBNO ensures quality and reliability for your manufacturing and distribution needs. Discover high-quality Manuka Essential Oil available in bulk, perfect for businesses requiring large quantities for various applications. HBNO offers Wholesale and Private label services for Manuka Essential Oil.

AROMA: Manuka Essential Oil presents a warm, herbaceous aroma with slightly sweet and earthy undertones. Its fragrance is grounding and soothing, reminiscent of the New Zealand wilderness where the Manuka tree thrives. Manuka Oil carries a comforting and purifying scent that promotes relaxation and emotional balance, making it a valuable ingredient in aromatherapy blends and natural remedies for skin care and emotional support.


Aromatherapy: Manuka Essential Oil is often used in aromatherapy for its earthy, herbaceous scent. It is valued for its calming and grounding properties, making it suitable for relaxation and stress relief.

  • Fragrances and Perfumes: Manuka Essential Oil can be used in fragrances and perfumes to add a unique, woody note. Its distinctive aroma contributes depth and complexity to scent blends.

Personal Care:

  • Cosmetics: Manuka Essential Oil is sometimes included in cosmetics for its potential skin-soothing properties. It may be found in products like creams, lotions, and facial serums.

  • Soaps: Manuka Essential Oil is added to soaps for its refreshing and cleansing properties. Its aromatic scent can enhance the bathing experience.

  • Body Oils and Lotions: Manuka Essential Oil may be used in body oils and lotions for its moisturizing effects on the skin. It can help hydrate and nourish dry or irritated skin.

  • Body Sprays and Mists: Manuka Essential Oil can be included in body sprays and mists to provide a subtle, natural fragrance while refreshing the skin.

  • Skin and Hair Moisturizers: Manuka Essential Oil may be added to moisturizers for its potential benefits for skin health. It can help soothe and hydrate the skin, promoting a healthy complexion.

  • Shampoos and Conditioners: Manuka Essential Oil is sometimes used in hair care products for its cleansing properties. It can help purify the scalp and promote overall hair health.

  • Lip Balms: Manuka Essential Oil can be included in lip balms for its potential moisturizing and soothing effects on the lips. It may help prevent dryness and chapping.

Manuka Essential Oil is not typically used in food flavorings, industrial applications, or pet care products.

We supply any quantity of oil to anywhere in the world. HBNO Manuka Essential Oil ships wholesale in bulk 55-gallon drums (180 kg drums). Also available in 1 kg, 4 kg, 25 kg, 180 kg pack sizes, or in any other quantity required by our clients. HBNO also provides a full turn-key private label service of both conventional and Manuka Essential Oil.

HBNO is a leading manufacturer of Manuka Essential Oil. Prompt dispatch from HBNO's 100,000 sq foot California warehouse. Technical documents, SDS, Specification, COA available upon request. Bulk drum and private labeling services available.


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