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Clove Oil Application in the Agricultural Sector: Organic Insect/Pest Repellants

Clove Oil Application in the Agricultural Sector: Organic Insect/Pest Repellants

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Here, in this blog, we have discussed the importance of all-natural ways of pest control. Clove oil is one such natural insecticide/pesticide, which is helpful in repelling insects/pests in the farms in an effective way.

Pest control is an activity that demands immense time and attention, particularly in the agriculture sector. It is without a doubt, quite a tedious task and a problem for many. Every now and then, we encounter these pesky invaders around us, in the house, at the work desk, in parks, agricultural fields — the list is endless! Since past few years, demand for organic agricultural products is on the rise. People are more concerned for their health and fitness than ever. This health consciousness has augmented the need for organic agriculture which includes switching to natural pest and weed management alternatives from the traditional, chemical-based pesticides & insecticides.

Clove Oil – An Effective Remedy for Pest Control

Exhibiting an unparalleled radical scavenging activity, Clove is one of the most powerful organic agents when it comes to killing mites, pests, and controlling weed. Chemically managed pesticides in the agricultural fields drastically affect the nutritional value of the crops and lead to numerous health hazards. Appreciated for its medicinal value and unique flavor, clove essential oil is no less than a blessing for the agriculture industry. Unlike usual pest control methods, in which a lot of chemicals are used, this oil is an eco-friendly way of killing dust mites, Red Fire Ants etc. Also, the clove extract is blessed with an excellent killing power, which assists in significant removal of fungi and bacteria. Native to the Philippines, this tropical plant — clove is very useful and effective to control insects, pests, and weed within the field. All you need to do is mix 10 drops of clove oil with tap water and fill it in a spray bottle. You can directly spray this onto the crops as well as on fruit trees and vegetation, to which insects usually get attracted owing to the sweet smell. It is gaining popularity, as it is environment-friendly and does not have any harmful health effects.

Eugenol Oil or Clove Oil? Understanding the Basics

Clove oil is scientifically known as Eugenol oil and is derived from the dried leaves, buds and stem of Syzygium aromaticum tree. These trees are known by different names in the eastern and western hemispheres. Since it is identified as a Minimum Risk product by FDA, it is widely used for flavoring in the food industry, as a dermal drug in the pharmaceutical sector and an insecticide/pesticide and fungicide in the agricultural sector.

Owing to its ability to break down waxy coatings, pests lose their protective waxy coating rather quickly on being exposed to clove oil and succumb to its effect. Clove oil gets absorbed rather quickly and therefore, any infected plant or weed treated with this essential oil dries quickly.

Eugenol or clove oil is a wonderful deterrent for disease-carrying insects and flies. This all-natural and super effective oil has organic compounds, which inhibit the growth of pests like insects, weeds, fungus and rodents in the fields.


How Clove Oil Is Helpful in Repulsing Insects?

Pests get attracted to floral, sweet scents while clove oil possesses a very pungent smell that is extremely repulsive to pests and other insects. You can spray this oil on the crops directly at regular intervals. The smell of clove oil lasts for a long time.

Farmers are switching to organic methods to control pests, as the toxic substances present in the commercial insecticides pose a variety of health hazards like breathing difficulties, swelling, dizziness, and nausea. Used for treating insect infestations, clove oil is very effective against any fungal infection on plants.

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