Why Use Organic Tamanu Oil?

Why Use Organic Tamanu Oil?
Extracted from the seeds of tamanu nut tree that is grown in tropical evergreen forest, the Organic Tamanu Oil is being used medicinally for centuries. Popular in Asian, Pacific Island, and African cultures, this cold-pressed oil provides numerous hair, skin, and health benefits. The Tamanu oil is loaded with the goodness of fatty acids. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties and goodness of Vitamin E.
Rejuvenates the Skin

With the regular studies, it has been scientifically proved that organic tamanu oil effectively works for treating active acne and acne scars. It has wound-healing and skin regeneration properties. Often, it is used as an active ingredient in the skin ageing products and creams. Being rich in fatty acids, this oil deeply penetrates in your skin and keeps it nourished and well moisturized. If you are worried about postpartum stretch marks, you must try using tamanu oil. It helps to fade the stretch marks.
Nourishes the Hair

This oil provides excellent nourishment to your hair. It effectively treats chemical processed, heat-treated and colored hair. Your hair soaks this oil to repair each strand. With regular application of this oil, you can get rid of split ends.
Promotes Overall Health
Regular use of tamanu oil prevents tumor growth in cancer patients. Also, it cures vaginitis and decreases the symptoms of HIV in the people. With the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this organic cold-pressed tamanu oil helps to treat vaginal infections. This oil works well for fungal foot conditions that often occurred to athletes.

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