Buying Wholesale Essential Oils: Top Factors to Consider

Buying Wholesale Essential Oils: Top Factors to Consider

Whether you require Bergamont essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, or lemon cold-pressed essential oil, you should always rely on a reputed and experienced supplier to get high-quality bulk essential oils for making a new formulation or personal use.

Check out some crucial factors you should consider before the purchase:

1. Find a Reputed Vendor

With the booming wellness industry and soaring demand for natural essential oils, many manufacturers and suppliers have established them in the market to cater to the needs of clients. However, some suppliers sell essential oils adulterated with synthetic fillers or extenders. Buying fake oils means wastage of time and money. 

2. Check the Bottle Color 

Many essential oil enthusiasts and perfumers can tell the quality of essential oil by just smelling them. However, if you don’t have a refined sense of smell, no worries. You can check the bottle that contains the required essential oil- whether it is in dark amber or blue glass bottle or conduct a ring test on scent strips to assess its purity. You need to put one drop of essential oil on the paper surface. Pure oil will not leave any residue after drying while a mixed or diluted one will leave a visible ring.  

3. Read the Label on Bottle

Your organic essential oils bottle should clearly specify the common and Latin name, the plant parts used for preparation, the extraction process, the net content of all the ingredients in the formulation. 

4. Authenticate the Source 

It is crucial to verify the country of origin from where the wholesale essential oils have been sourced from. An experienced supplier will provide the source detail on its product page, even if the bottle labels don’t contain it or they may not be visible on the label. 

5. Check out for Common Signs for a Fake Oil

Besides the product labeling, other common signs to detect whether an essential oil is pure or not is to check the smell, their storage condition, ring test, and greasiness or stickiness on touch. Pure essential oils are stored in dark amber bottles, don’t leave any residue after evaporation or give a greasy or oiliness feeling on applying as they are completely absorbed in the skin. 

6. Compare Price with Other Suppliers

You should also check out the price listed on the bottle as well as the product page of the website. If it is a very low price or highest price, you must be careful not to purchase that overpriced essential oil. Do your due diligence to get knowledge of the actual price or the range and consider purchasing the bottles of essential oils if they are pure, priced right, and come from an experienced supplier.

Considering these factors will help you make the right choice and get maximum value from the online or offline purchase of desired essential oils.

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