Amazing Health Benefits of Tagetes Marigold Oil

Amazing Health Benefits of Tagetes Marigold Oil
Marigold is called as Tagetes Minuta scientifically. Tagetes Marigold essential oil is extracted using the steam distillation method from Marigold plant flowers. The oil comes with several health benefits and is full of medicinal properties. Tagetes marigold oil is used to treat various ailments.
The oil has a sweet, strong, fruity, and citrus smell and can be used to treat numerous foot problems and infections.


Marigold essential oil can be effectively used to eliminate unwanted insects including fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and lice from human body. Using this oil, you can even neutralize the effects of stings and bites.


Pure marigold oil is an antibiotic that prevents fungi growth, bacteria, and protozoa. It is effective in treating ulcers, open sores, rotten wounds, and gangrene. Using this oil, you can also prevent maggots’ growth in wounds.


Marigold essential oil works as a relaxant that eases spasms and relieves diarrhea, cramps, coughs, and convulsions.

Prevents Infection and Microbe Growth

Microbe growth can be prevented in the body using marigold essential oil. It is effective against dermatitis, skin ailments, septic, cholera, athlete’s foot, malaria, typhus, tetanus, food poisoning which are caused by protozoa, fungi, and bacteria. Staphylococcus Aureus infections leading to extreme spasms, convulsions, swelling with redness, muscular contractions, insanity, and immobility of limbs can also be prevented.

Multiple Benefits

Pure marigold oil comes with sedative properties that aids in curing nervous irritation, inflammation, digestive, neurotic, excretory systems, depression, afflictions, convulsions, stress, panic, anger, and hyper reactions.

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